January 12, 2012

SEO Dashboard: Which SEO visitors are worth more?

As we see it, raw data is just plain raw – and that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. It’s uninspiring, difficult to understand and leads to mounting frustration.

BringShare uses charts for almost everything because visualizing the data is much easier to understand. When you understand the data, it’s easy to spot important marketing insights that should influence your marketing decisions. Let’s look at the following example to illustrate the point.

First, take a look at the SEO Performance section on your SEO dashboard. Pay close attention to the Unique Visits pie chart and the Sales/Leads pie chart.

You can see that Yahoo (green) is driving a larger percentage of sales/leads than it is unique traffic. This is an important insight that says “traffic from Yahoo is worth more than Google” and that just may buck conventional wisdom.

In this example, you’d need to focus on getting more traffic from Yahoo either through Paid Search or SEO.

Try explaining that search strategy to the boss without BringShare. On second thought, just take your visually compelling BringShare data and let it do the explaining for you.


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