February 17, 2012

Top Marketing Articles for the Week of February 13th, 2012

Two Google+ SEO Guides You Should Read 

Our friends at Search Engine Land posted an article this week linking to two amazing resources on how to get the most out of Google+ in your SEO ranks.  The articles starts out noting that “Even if your audience isn’t active there, it’s almost mandatory to have a profile and be active (on Google+)” and they could not be more correct. With Google+ interactions starting to show up in search (pictured left), you’ll need to be careful and in the know about how it affects your company. There is also a huge opportunity lying in this type of social integration, considering that “90 percent of people trust recommendations of friends above any form of advertising”. That’s a pretty compelling argument, don’t you think?

Stats on Facebook 2012 [Infographic]

Search Engine Journal posted an infographic this week touting the advantages of social media. If you ever had any doubt about the value of Facebook for your business, click the link above or read the stats below to be officially convinced.

  • Facebook accounts for 20% of all online pageviews [tweet]
  • Facebook has 845 million monthly active users
  • Facebook is comprised of over 100 billion connections (and those connections are what makes your content go viral) [tweet]
  • 50.3% of the North American population is on Facebook
  • 27.5% of Europe is on Facebook
  • 25.5% of Latin America is on Facebook
  • On average, users spend 20 minutes on Facebook per visit
  • 2.7 billion likes have been generated. (How many of those are of your business?)
  • Roughly half of Facebook’s 1 billion in net income has come from advertising

Lastly, this isn’t so much news as just an amazing resource. Our email marketing integration partners, MailChimp, have always been dedicated to amazing email marketing. Their dedication shows in their guides to getting the most out of your email marketing. (They also have consistently incredible design. Their special Valentine’s day login pictured is just one example.) Check them out!


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