April 10, 2014

Productivity Tool #2: Bring Teams Together On Projects Using Wedoist

At Bringshare, our MO is that we save you time and free you up to be more effective. It’s under that mantra that we are going to be presenting four of our favorite productivity tools in a four-part series on our blog.


Odds are, at one point or another, you’ve felt that sinking feeling when you realize a project or important task fell through the cracks. In the agency world, staying organized and on top of projects is a bit of an art – and the ones who do it well are the ones who will continually impress and retain clients.

So how do we stay organized and stay on top of the deadlines that fill our world? We use a crazy-helpful task management tool called Wedoist. This web app gives us a single place to organize tasks, files and project status messages by client.

Sounds awesome, right?!

Check out these 6 features of Wedoist that take the dun-dun-dunn out of your world. 

Manage multiple clients and multiple teams in one place

By creating a project and adding your team members to specific projects, you’ll create a home base for every step of your workflow. Once added to a project, each person will be notified and will instantly have the ability to add documents, files, create tasks, and add comments. This feature makes it easy for project management and overall organization.

View status updates from team members surrounding each project

Each member that has access to a project can enter status updates letting everyone else know of any updates, set backs, or important information that needs to be conveyed. No need to send out multiple emails and making sure everyone is up to date individually, this makes it easy for everyone to view project statuses at once.

Assign tasks to other team members surrounding each project

Make sure that each person is held responsible for certain tasks by assigning them due dates and assignments. This is a great way to make sure deadlines are being met and each member of the team is delivering on their assignments.

Email reminders of tasks due

In Wedoist you can schedule reminders to alert you that a due date is approaching so you can be sure to complete the task or project on time. You’ll never have to fret about forgetting a deadline when life gets hectic – this is one of the features we love most!

View all tasks across all projects with a global dashboard

Wedoist makes it easy to view all tasks, projects, and status updates you are assigned to on one simple dashboard. You can even add and create new projects straight from the home dashboard. No need to go searching for hours trying to find certain projects or documents; everything is in one place and easy to find saving you tons of time.

File storage for easy document tracking and sharing associated with each project

Have a project that requires a word document, excel spreadsheet, or some other form of attachment? No worries, in Wedoist it is easy to upload those files for sharing and tracking right in the comment section. Each file is stored in a “files” section of your project, giving you a simple place to find any document related to your client or project.

Avoiding the dun-dun-dunn doesn’t have to be complicated.

Wedoist really can help make sure your team tames the chaos and maximizes your ability to deliver meaningful work on schedule. Don’t ignore the power of Wedoist for your agency any longer.

And now, time to check “post Wedoist blog” off our Wedoist for today. 

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