February 17, 2012

Twitter Advertising for Small Business Released

Twitter announced that it will be partnering with American Express to allow early access to their Small  Business Advertising Program to card members and merchants.  The advertising platform allows you to not only further engage with your current Twitter followers, but also provides a more direct way of  reaching new customers who comprise the over 300+ million current Twitter users. This is no small opportunity for small business, as social networking accounts for nearly 20% of all time spent online globally and ranks as the most engaging activity.

For the launch, American Express is partnering with Twitter to allow their card members and merchants to not only use the program, but start out with a free $100 credit of Twitter advertising, a tactic that Google  has found succes with their AdWords platform. The promo is limited to the first 10,000 registrants and you have to register an American Express card, as well as pay any charges over your initial free $100 credit.

This is a major release because up until now, Twitter’s ad platform programs were held to a strict $15-25,000 minimum spend, a cost that is prohibitive for the majority of startups and small businesses. The program released is the first step Twitter has taken to break into the small business market, though it is a very logical step on Twitter’s part, because small business was the first market to really jump onto their platform and engage deeply with their audiences.

We’re excited to see how Twitter advertising works for small business. What do you think: Does it make sense? Will small businesses find success? Tell us in the comments!

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