January 2, 2012

A Step by Step guide to finding Email Marketing result data in Google :

1. Go to www.google.com/ and sign in to your account
2. (If you have access to multiple Google profiles) Select the profile you are looking to find information for
3. On the left hand navigation, select “Traffic Sources”
4. Under “Traffic Source”s, select “Sources”
5. Under “Sources”, select “All Traffic”
6. Your Google display should now look like this (click to expand):

7. In the screenshot above, we can easily find the “Source” and “Medium Information. It has enough traffic to be on the first page and our “Source”/”Medium” were set to be intuitive. “eblast / featurerelease” is the information we are looking for. If you can also easily find your information, continue to Step 8. If not, follow the extra steps below:

  • Ensure that the date range you have selected includes the day you sent the email and up to a month afterwards (people don’t necessarily click on and read an email the day they receive it.)
  • In the bottom right hand corner, expand the number of rows you would like shown. In the example below, there are 112 rows. If we have data for the email we sent with Google utm tracking information and our date range is set properly, it will show up in one of these rows.

  • Check the rest of your data to find the “Campaign Source” / “Campaign Medium” that you entered to track your campaign

8. We now have the “Campaign Source” and “Campaign Medium” information. To find the “Campaign Name”, we need to perform the following steps:

  • Click “Secondary Dimension”
  • Click “Traffic Sources”
  • Click “Campaign”



9. You should now see the “Source / Medium” and “Campaign” of your email campaign. This is the information that should be copied exactly into BringShare.

10. And finally, this is how the above data should look when properly connected to your email marketing campaign in BringShare:


Still having trouble connecting your individual email campaigns with Google tracking information in BringShare? Contact us for more help!


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