March 1, 2012

The Social Media Dashboard Now Includes Pinterest

BringShare has officially added Pinterest to your Social Media Dashboard. You’ll now be able to see the amount of traffic Pinterest drives to your website and the number of conversions/the amount of revenue that is generated from Pinterest users. You’ll also be able to quickly and easily see the conversion rate for users who clicked through to your site through the social media network.

So what does this mean? It me no more wondering whether or not your efforts are paying off. You’ll be able to see immediate results in BringShare.

Depending on the nature of your business,  Pinterest could be a huge driver of sales for your company. Brands present on the new social site are finding that sales driven from Pinterest are quickly outpacing those from LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Twitter or Google+.

In terms of social media market share, Pinterest is rapidly growing and is currently capitalizing on the same portion of the market as Google+ (woah!). Granted Pinterest does not (yet) have a powerhouse like Google as a backer, it’s hard to argue with the numbers. So let’s learn more:

What is Pinterest?

  • A self-proclaimed “virtual pinboard” that “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.”  Not only can you create your own virtual pinboards, but you can also share them or browse pinboards of others. The main advantage Pinterst has for brands is their highly visual way of displaying content -including a brand’s merchandise. Users can view and then “repin” your products or services to their own boards, allowing their followers to view your brand as well. The social viral factor is something that should never be underestimated -especially when it’s virtually free to brands.

How can I use Pinterest for my brand?

  • Add a “Pin It” button to your products. This button allows a user to take a product from your website and pin it to their Pinterest board for all of their followers to see (and repin). Pinterest does a great job of walking you through the steps and even giving you the code to copy and paste for your site to create this button. Click on this link and scroll down to the “Pin It Button for Website” section.
  • Create a Pinterest board for your Brand. Create your own virtual pinboards that includes not only beautiful images of your own products or services and ways of using them, but also supplementary products and pins that reflect the culture and feeling of your brand. Etsy, Whole Foods and The Travel Channel are great examples to take a look at before creating your personal brand’s Pinterest account.
  • Add a Pinterest follow button. This will allow your users and customers to follow your latest Pinterest activity. It works the same as a “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter” button would. Click here and scroll to the “Follow Button for Website”
  • Track it in BringShare. With your BringShare membership, you’re able to see the traffic, revenue and conversions that are generated from the site -right alongside Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+. Pinterest isn’t right for every business, but with BringShare you’ll be able to tell almost instantaneously if your digital marketing efforts are paying off on the site.


BringShare is digital marketing software that pulls all of your digital marketing data into one convenient place, saving you time and money. Sign up for a free trial of BringShare to get started with your SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Paid Search and Website Performance Dashboards. We make it easy to track all of your digital marketing in one place.

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