January 20, 2012

Feature Release: New Email Dashboard Provides Totals of All Emails Sent

Thanks to all of our beta friends, we realized the email dashboard was missing one very important feature: The ability to view the performance of all of your emails over any period of time as one total. So, we went to work on this and are excited to announce that the new email dashboard now provides this functionality. Take a look…

The new “Total Email Performance” section is the total of all emails sent during the date range you’ve selected. The “Emails Sent” section on the right lists all the emails that are included in this total.

This view is fantastic for understanding what role email as a whole plays in your marketing program. Let’s say you want to get a better understanding of whether your email marketing efforts were effective in the forth quarter of 2011. How would you go about doing that without BringShare? … Exactly! It’s next to impossible. With the BringShare email dashboard, it only takes a second.

Just set the date range to the 4th quarter of 2011 and you’ll instantly see the key performance indicators for ALL of your email marketing efforts combined:

  • Opens: how many people opened all of your emails in Q4
  • Clicks: how many clicks did you get (visits to your site) from all emails sent in Q4
  • Avg. Time on Site: How long did those people spend on your site in Q4
  • Conversions/Sales: How many sales or goal conversions did all of your emails generate in Q4

With this data, you’ll know whether or not it makes sense to continue to prioritize email marketing efforts in the future.

What if you determine that your email performance is less than desirable? BringShare can help with that too… click here for more on optimizing emails with BringShare.

Note: Metrics like Avg. Time on Site and Conversions/Sales pull from Google . It’s easy to track email performance in Google . For a video tutorial on how to do this, click here.


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