September 25, 2013

It’s The End of Keyword Data As We Know It - Google to Encrypt All Keyword Searches

Yes, it’s true.  Google is encrypting all keyword searches - thereby making “not provided” the source for every keyword search.  The bad news is that Google will no longer provide keyword data for organic searches. (More details here)

The good news is that there are other ways to acquire keyword insights and we’re working to identify the best options for you in BringShare. We will finish testing these options shortly and will roll out the new functionality soon. In other words, “don’t worry, we’re on it!”

September BringShare reports will have enough data to accurately represent the percentage breakdown between branded and non-branded keywords. October reports will be powered by the new reports (coming soon) utilizing GWT data.

In the mean time, we strongly suggest you do the following immediately to ensure you’re accumulating keyword data elsewhere.

Setup Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) for each website you manage.

If you’ve been trying to make time to do this for a while, now you have some serious motivation to get it done. GWT tracks the high-value search queries generating the most impressions and clicks to a site. With this data, you can gather insights about the origin of your organic traffic. The new BringShare keyword reports will be powered by GWT data so make sure you have it setup asap.

As always, the data gurus here at BringShare are putting together some awesome reports that will take the GWT data and present it in meaningful ways for you and your clients/colleagues.

Let us know if you have any questions/concerns: [email protected]



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