November 19, 2013

Google Organic Keyword Data is Back on the SEO Dashboard

Google dropped the encrypted search bomb in September effectively hiding the keywords used for all Google searches. Without keyword data, it is nearly impossible to understand what percentage of organic traffic is coming from branded and non-branded keywords. And without that understanding, it is hard to measure the true impact of an SEO campaign in generating more traffic from new prospective customers.

This being the case, the gurus here at BringShare immediately went to work developing a new dashboard allowing users to easily create reports with valuable Google search keyword data included! How? An integration with Google Webmaster tools with awesome sorting, filtering and reporting tools on top. The end result is a new dashboard that allows you to report on search queries and their impact on organic traffic. With this new dashboard, you can…

  • Easily see the percentage of organic traffic that comes from branded and non-branded search queries (Google only of course) to get an idea of how much traffic is coming from previous vs. prospective new customers.
  • View changes in the percentage breakdown of branded vs. non-branded traffic to see how organic traffic is evolving over time. This is particularly valuable if you are focused on increasing non-branded search traffic.
  • Track the average ranking position of both the branded and non-branded keyword groups. Over time, you can monitor changes in the average position for each group making it easy to report on the rankings of each group of keywords as an index.
  • Identify the top branded and non-branded queries having the most impact on organic traffic. Easily sort the list of search queries by various metrics and identify keywords that are important targets for SEO efforts.
  • Keep a list of priority keywords for immediate and focused optimization efforts. This allows you to easily monitor changes in ranking, impressions and clicks for any search query you deem important.
  • Monitor the average ranking position for every single keyword. Curious how you actually rank for a keyword taking into account all personalized and geo-specific results? GWT data shows you the average position of every single search query based on actual searches and actual clicks.

Tour the Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Branded vs. Non-Branded Google Search Keywords Made Possible — Again!

The GWT Query Breakdown (pictured above) automatically filters all the search query data into branded and non-branded keyword groups. With this report, you can see what percentage of search queries fall into each category and how the two groups compare in generating impressions and clicks.

You can also see the Average Ranking for each group of keywords and how it is changing over time.

Quick Visual Comparisons 

View ALL Search Queries and Create Custom Lists

The GWT Top Query List is a comprehensive view of all the search queries that drove traffic to the site for any date range. You can sort the list of queries by impressions, clicks, CTR or average ranking position (Avg. Pos) to determine which keywords matter most.

See a query you want to monitor closely or use for reporting? Mark it as “Priority” and easily monitor changes for that query on the “Priorities” tab.

When generating reports, you can choose to only include the priority queries.

Using the “Branded” and “Non-Branded” tabs, you can automatically view a filtered list of all your search queries segmented by branded and non-branded keywords.

Edit Branded Keywords Easily… in Real-Time!

Clicking the “Edit Branded Keywords” button allows you modify the keywords you want to mark as branded. Forget to add an important keyword to the branded list last month? No problem, add it to the list anytime and all of your current and historic data is automatically updated right away to reflect your changes.

The new Google Webmaster Tools report is a fantastic addition to the 8 other automated SEO reports included in the BringShare dashboard. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Not using BringShare yet? Awesome. Your life is about to change. 

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