December 27, 2010

Marketing Reports for SEO, Paid Search and Social Media

BringShare for Agencies brings a variety of features to the table, but our agency members seem to love our automatic reporting the most. Below you will find further information on the functionality included in every BringShare account, as well as some deeper specifics in terms of what each individual marketing dashboard report consists of. So, what do BringShare marketing reports bring to the table? Well, we would love to tell you..

Publish, Print or Generate a PDF Marketing Report in a Single Click

All BringShare for Agencies client accounts come with three ways to generate an internet marketing report of your data -for any date range. The “print” button automatically prints the internet marketing dashboard you are viewing.

The “PDF” button will automatically generate a PDF marketing report of your marketing dashboard and save it to your computer. From there, you can take the newly generated PDF of your Master Marketing Dashboard, SEO Dashboard, Social Media Marketing Dashboard or Paid Search AdWords Dashboard and easily attach it to an email or save it to a file to send over to your client.

Finally, the “Publish” button allows you to generate a url of your Master Marketing Dashboard, Search Engine Optimization Dashboard, Social Media  Dashboard or Paid Search Dashboard. You can then copy/paste your URL into an email to your client and voila! Instant marketing reporting.

Only Include the Key Metrics in Your Marketing Dashboard Reports

BringShare makes it easy to include or exclude data so that you can focus on the metrics that mean the most to you and your clients during that reporting cycle. Our dashboards allow you to select or deselect any section of your internet marketing dashboard to include within your report.

For example, the screenshot below shows two charts on the BringShare SEO Dashboard -the Top Keywords by Visits and the Top Keywords by Conversions chart. If you want to focus more on bottom-line results provided by SEO in the form of sales/conversions, simply uncheck the “Top 10 Keywords Driving Visits” section to remove it from the report and you’ll be able to generate a report that only shows Top Keywords driving sales (or conversions).

The Master Marketing Dashboard Marketing Report

A CEO/CMO’s report on all of your digital marketing data 


The BringShare Master Dashboard easily and automatically converts into an internet marketing report with a single click. Pictured on the right, this dashboard reports on the bottom line metrics for each of your digital marketing channels -SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Email Marketing -to provide you with the CEO/CMO overview of how your marketing is performing.


The Master Dashboard Report Includes:

  • Your overall digital marketing ROI, CPA and Conversion Rate
  • Visits, Transactions/Sales or Conversions/Conversion Rate by channel
  • How visitor data trends by channel over the reporting cycle date range
  • How Conversion or Revenue data trends by channel over the reporting cycle date range
  • How Conversion Rate trends by channel over the reporting cycle date range


The Paid Search/AdWords Dashboard Marketing Report 

All the AdWords Information you need to keep your clients informed


The Paid Search Dashboard also easily converts into a digital marketing report, allowing you to provide your clients with all of the AdWords they need to completely understand how their campaigns are performing.



The Paid Search Report Includes: 

  • Your Paid Search Return on Investment, CPA and Conversion Rate
  • Total Performance Metrics, such as Total Impressions, Total Clicks, Average Clickthrough Rate, Average CPC and Spend
  • AdWords Conversions Metrics broken out in terms of Web Conversions, Phone Conversions, and View-through Conversions, as well as Total Conversions
  • Google Revenue Data, such as Revenue, Average Order Value, Transactions, ROAS, Conversion Rate and Cost per Transaction
  • Estimated Total Paid Search Revenue (with view-through conversion data)
  • A summary of the Top 20 Performing Campaigns by Conversions, then clicks and the Top 20 Performing Ad Groups by Conversions, then clicks
  • Trend data for Transactions and Conversion Rate, Clicks and Clickthrough Rate, Total Cost and Cost per Transaction, Paid Search Bounce Rate,  Time on Site and Pages per Visit
  • A summary of Keyword Performance (including the top 20 performing keywords by conversions, then clicks)
  • Broken down phone call conversion data


The SEO Dashboard Marketing Report

All of the Search Engine Optimization details you need -without overwhelming your client

We live in a world where Search Engine Optimization is more of an artform that a formula. It’s constantly changing with the latest Google release and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why reporting should be one less thing you worry about. BringShare’s automatically generated SEO marketing reports are your solution to SEO frustration.

The SEO Report Includes: 

  • Your SEO Return on Investment, Cost per Acquisition and Conversion Rate
  • Ranking data for up to 25 keywords and how that ranking has changed over time in Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • How visits from each search engine trend over time
  • How sales/conversions from each search engine trend over time
  • The top 10 keywords driving visits to your website during the specified reporting cycle
  • The top 10 keywords driving conversions/revenue on your website during the specified reporting cycle
  • How branded vs nonbranded keywords compare


The Social Media Marketing Dashboard Report

The report to answer the question: How is social media affecting my bottom line?

Social Media is tricky. It’s possible to put forth endless effort to see little to no results. So how are you to judge whether or not the carefully crafted social media marketing campaigns you set up are paying off? Why, BringShare of course. Our Social Media Marketing Dashboards converts to a social marketing report with a single click and answers that pesky question:

“Does Social Media actually pay off?”

The Social Media Report Includes: 

  • Social Media Cost per Acquisition, Return on Investment and Conversion Rate
  • Facebook and Twitter lifetime statistics, such as Twitter followers and total current Facebook likes
  • The total visits, conversions/revenue and overall conversion that any and all social networks are driving to your website
  • How visits from each social network (from Pinterest to Delicious and Blogger) trend over time
  • How conversions/revenue from each social network trend over time
  • How the conversion rate and per visit value from each individual social network trend over time
  • How Facebook metrics like new likes, lifetime likes and people talking about this trend over time together
  • How Facebook metrics such as unique engaged users, impressions, visits and conversions trend over time together
  • How Twitter metrics like new and lifetime followers trend over time
  • How Twitter visits and conversions trend over time

BringShare is internet marketing reporting software that offers a white label reporting solution to digital marketing agencies. BringShare includes a way to track SEO, paid search, email marketing, social media marketing and how those channels compare to each other in simple, straightforward dashboards that easily convert to reports with a single click.

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