March 1, 2012

The Internet Marketing Dashboard Now Has Automatic Marketing ROI and CPA Calculations

You can feel it, right? Something big is about to happen. World changing. Okay, maybe just marketing world, but that’s a pretty big deal. Drum Roll Please:

BringShare has added ROI, CPA and Conversion Rate Tracking to your BringShare Membership.

ROI/CPA Feature Overview Video

Why this will change your life:

Knowing where you stand in terms of return on investment and cost per acquisition should be the bread and butter of your marketing strategy -and that’s something that goes for agencies, small and large companies alike. BringShare does all of the manual calculation for you, allowing you to:

      • See your ROI, CPA and Conversion Rate across any date range (not just by month)
      • View your ROI, CPA and Conversion Rate in terms of total marketing spend on both ads and vendors
      • View your ROI, CPA and Conversion Rate in terms of  marketing spend by channel. That means you can quickly and easily see your SEO ROI, Social Media ROI, Email Marketing ROI and Paid Search ROI all with a single click in BringShare (We’re getting all weak in the knees just thinking about it)

Having a detailed ROI per marketing channel gives you unique perspective into your marketing. It’s your little cheat sheet showing you how to get the most out of your marketing efforts (only this time you don’t have to worry about getting caught with it!). Not sure where you’re at with your marketing? Quickly view your ROIs by channel and have an instantaneous action plan: any ROI less than 100% gets attention this week.

The same goes for your CPA. You know that magical marketing number that allows you to scale your product or business to infinity and beyond? Use the CPA dropdown to know which channels are hitting your target and which channels might need a little bit more love and attention.


How to set it up:

ROI, CPA and Conversion Rate tracking are incredibly simple with our new dropdown feature. Follow these 3 simple steps listed below to get on track

    • 1. Log in to BringShare
    • 2. Click “edit”
    • 3. Enter your monthly costs
    • Let BringShare do the rest!

How it works:

Once you enter your monthly costs, BringShare does all of the heavy lifting. We pull the numbers apart in a way that allows you to receive accurate data by any date range -not just by month. This information can then be viewed by individual dashboard or reviewed as total marketing spend on the dashboard, which allows your CPA, ROI or Conversion Rate averaged across all channels. Say hello to marketing bliss.

How exactly do we do that? We amortize out your monthly costs, giving you accurate data even if you have one week of February and 9 days of January selected. BringShare takes your monthly costs, divides it by the number of days within that specific month, and then attributes an amount on a daily basis, giving you an accurate ROI and CPA regardless of date range. We also assume that these monthly costs are recurring, so there’s not even a need to change them unless your costs change.

So why are we still just talking about it here? Sign in and set up your CPA/ROI/Conversion Rate Tracking today!

BringShare is digital marketing software that pulls all of your digital marketing data into one convenient place, saving you time and money. Sign up to get started with your SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Paid Search and Website Performance Dashboards. We make it easy to track all of your digital marketing in one place. Still need a BringShare Membership? Well you’re in luck. We offer a free thirty day BringShare Trial Membership.


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