April 24, 2014

Productivity Tool #3: Track Every Single Meeting Note Ever with Evernote

At Bringshare, our MO is that we save you time and free you up to be more effective. Today, we give you an overview of another tool that our team uses obsessively as a part of our productivity tools series.

The success of a meeting is determined by what happens after the meeting – that little thing called the follow-up.

Applause worthy follow-up starts with taking great notes in the meeting, and organizing them for use afterward. Evernote replaces that paper journal and out-of-ink pen with a smart, savvy digital solution for taking game-changer notes.

We use Evernote obsessively around here. Here are the 5 reasons it’s our preferred note taking solution.

Two words: Auto-save and share.

Never worry about losing all those great ideas or important meeting notes again. Evernote automatically saves (yes, automatically!) and syncs all your notes in the moment across every Evernote device. You then can share these notes with team members to help keep everyone up to date and accountable for projects or tasks.

Create checklists to track follow-up items.

It is easy to keep track of what you need to discuss, complete, or share with the “To-do” feature. You can easily add a check box next to certain items to remind yourself to complete certain tasks and assure that you get it done on time without letting it slip off your radar.

Take Your Notes Everywhere

You can quickly and easily access your notes, goals, or to-do lists from any device so you never have to be at a loss for information. Evernote makes it easy to sync your account across your phone, tablet and desktop.

Track Your Train of Thought on That Article

Never lose your train of thought while surfing the web again. Evernote makes it easy to capture images from the web and insert them into your notes. Evernote’s Web Clipper is a great resource for creating digital vision boards or sharing images for projects with your team members.

Organize Like A Neat and Tidy Pro

Don’t spend hours trying to search for notes in folders that are sprinkled all over your computer or desktop. Evernote makes it easy to organize and find notes by placing them in notebooks or adding tags so they are easy to find. The search feature also helps you find those notes those can’t-remember-what-I-named-that notes.

Staying organized with your notes, projects ideas, or to-do lists doesn’t have to be stressful.

Evernote makes it easy to compose, track, and share notes taken throughout the day. Download Evernote and make your life just a little bit easier. Well, okay, it might not make life easier – but it’ll totally make life more organized!

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