July 11, 2013

New: SEO Keyword Groups Reporting

The Keyword Group Metrics Report

Tired of spending hours analyzing keywords in Google trying to understand how your SEO efforts are paying off in terms of creating additional long tail search engine exposure?

We are too. That’s why we created the Keyword Group Metrics report.

This feature allows you to group related keywords and easily monitor the impact that group of keywords has on the site both individually and in total.

Once you’ve entered a group of keywords, the system looks at every keyword that generated organic traffic to your site and pulls out any keyword that includes some variation of one of the keywords in your group. This shows how many search queries contain one of your keywords versus a previous time period so you can identify the long-tail impact of SEO efforts.

Example: BringShare wants to know how many search queries drove traffic to their site that included the words SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Google , etc.. 

STEP 1: Go to the SEO Settings page and create a new Keyword Group. Enter the keywords to group together and click “Save Group.”

STEP 2: Go back to your BringShare SEO dashboard and the group is there instantly! Take a look at the totals for the group and notice how they’ve changed over time.

Click the group name to expand the row and see all of the individual keywords that match the group you entered.

In this example, we can see all the keywords that drove traffic to our site containing the words we entered in the group: seo, paid search, , social media, etc…

We can also see that the number of search queries is up 10% and the visits are up 22% from these queries!

If we had an SEO optimization program around ranking for marketing channels such as these, this would be a great way to measure the long tail impact of those efforts.

Some other great examples:

Optimizing for a highly competitive product category like “Treadmills” is extremely difficult. Tracking the long tail impact of those optimization efforts can be just as difficult. With this BringShare feature, you can enter just the word “treadmill” or semantically related keywords and see how your long tail traffic grows due to your head term optimization efforts.

Local SEO across multiple regions can be difficult to measure in the long tail. With Keyword Group Impact reports, you can create groups by simply entering a few geographic terms. If a company has an office in Chicago and New York City, they can create a keyword group for each city including suburbs or districts and easily see how many people are coming to the site using these local qualifiers. They can also see which of those keywords or groups are generating the best quality of traffic. Lastly, they can see how the long tail keywords driving traffic is growing.

Video Tour of the SEO Keyword Group Impact Report

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