July 18, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) How to Get Your Blog Posts Read – Search Engine Journal

By making a few adjustments you can improve the amount of time invested by your readers. When creating content for your blog posts, you want your readers to read through it and take away what you have to say. This article discusses great ways that can help you make these changes. So that readers aren’t just skimming your article, but reading to learn more. Read the article here

2) 3 Ways To Help Prioritize Your SEO Efforts – Search Engine Watch

Understanding what needs to be done to make your SEO efforts successful is important. Setting goals is one way to ensure that your continuously working to improve and succeed. The three tips in this article that can help provide you with thought on how you can prioritize your efforts. Read the article here

3) Bing Ads Puts Estimated Keyword Bid Suggestions In Columns, Adds Keyword Status Delivery Alerts – Search Engine Land

There will be a few new changes appearing in your Bing Ads account that will provide additional help to managing your campaigns. One change features the ability to now display estimated keyword bid suggestions by including additional columns. Read the article further to learn more about these new changes. Read the article here

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