February 21, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) What’s more effective: Long or short landing pages? – The Next Web

The best way to determine the perfect length of your landing page is to test and test some more. Running A/B tests to see which type of landing pages, long or short, receives the better results from the sites audience. The tips in this article will help identify which type of landing page to use to drive the desired results. Read the article here

2) Google Shopping Campaigns are Now Live – How To Get Started  - Search Engine Land

After being in beta since October, the Google Shopping campaigns were released this week to all users.  The new functionalities found within the Google Shopping Campaigns will improve the way Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are managed in Google AdWords. The article introduces new components and how to get started using them to create PLAs. Read the article here

3) 5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Content to Combat Content Shock – Content Marketing Institute

With the need to increase content marketing, readers are being exposed to more and more everyday. Using social media to put content in front of more readers can help you stay ahead. The tips found here, such as making your content more engaging, is great guide on how to increase the chances having your content shared and read. Read the article here

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