November 14, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) 4 Content Marketing Initiatives You Need in 2015 – Content Marketing Institute

As a busy content marketer with many things to think about, making certain items a priority is important. Understanding your audience is one core item to prioritize. This initiative is essential to your strategy as you need to reach the appropriate audience with your content. Learn more about other initiatives to include in your strategy within this article. Read the article here

2) Ad Copy – 7 Key Steps for Adding Holiday Sparkle  - Search Engine Marketing

With the holidays getting closer, ensuring that your ads are ready is important to reach all the busy holiday shoppers. Be sure to check items off your list, such as reviewing the results of last year and having strong call to actions for your ads. Read this article to learn more on the steps to review for your holiday marketing. Read the article here

3) Why Focus on Long tail Keywords? – Search Engine Journal

Using long tail keywords can be one way to reach your audience in a competitive market. While more common keywords may be more difficult to rank for, these keywords can help you stand out in the rankings. Learn more about how defining your mission and using long tail keywords can help you attract your target audience. Read the article here

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