November 21, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) Search Top Priority Among SMBs [Study] – Search Engine Marketing

A survey was conducted to better understand the priorities of advertising and marketing spend for small and medium-sized business (SMBs). The survey results found that at 60.7 percent, search and pay-per-click would lead the marketing spend in the coming year. Email marketing and print advertising rounded out the top three of the SMBs priority list for spend. Read the article to learn more about the survey results. Read the article here

2) 5 Mistakes That Hold Back Your Content Marketing – Content Marketing Institute

Generating too much content is one mistake that current content marketers should avoid. Instead of releasing too much content, generating better content is the approach to take with your content strategy. Working on better content may take you longer, but will also help your content stand apart from the rest. Read the article to learn more about this mistake and others to avoid with your content marketing. Read the article here

3) Google Officially Launches “Mobile Friendly” Labels in Mobile Search Results – Search Engine Land

To provide additional information for mobile users, Google will now include a label to represent “mobile-friendly” sites. This is to help mobile users avoid any frustration of landing on a site that is not mobile-friendly. Google has provided a list of items that help to identify if a site is mobile-friendly, including whether a site has text that is readable without zooming. Learn more about the new label and how Google qualifies a site as mobile-friendly. Read the article here

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