August 4, 2014

Are you using these 2 time-saving features for July?

If you are on a monthly reporting cycle, it’s time to get started on client reports for July. Here are two Custom Report Builder features you should be using to save time.

1) The “Duplicate” report feature

If you are creating a report for a repeat client, using the Duplicate feature allows you to make a copy of any previously created report. This means all you have to do is change the date range and update the static content (notes, screenshots and pasted Excel tables). This feature also makes it easy to delegate the reporting responsibilities to others in your organization since it functions like a template that just needs to be updated.

2) New: Click the “email” option for sending reports

Sending a report using the published URL option prevents the hassle of downloading, saving and opening a PDF file. With the new “email” option for sending reports, a single click generates the published report URL, opens your email client and pastes the link into the body of the email. Add a few pleasentries and you are ready to send!

Use these two features in the Custom Report Builder and save valuable time creating your July reports. And remember,

“The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.”

~Dawson Trotman

Happy Reporting!

The BringShare Team


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