February 24, 2012

Top Marketing Articles for the Week of February 20th, 2012

The New SEO Process (Quit Being Kanye)

The daily SEO Blog at SEOmoz released a comprehensive article this week on what the new process for SEO should be like (and before you ask: no, it has nothing to do with Taylor Swift or accusing major political parties of anything). The article is a bit heavy, but all of us here at BringShare definitely recommend taking the time to sit down and take a look -plus it has some pretty amusing Kanye analogies. The main goal of the article: build content people find useful and recognize SEO is a way to get people in the door -but no amount of Google ranking get’s a customer to purchase. Stated simply, “The new SEO process is not about chasing the algorithm; it’s about fulfilling the needs of the people the algorithm serves”.

First Look: Survey Warns Of Consumers Turning Off From Digital Ads

TechCrunch released an article this week with concrete data for something we already knew: Users are increasingly becoming fed up with online ads and as a result, are growing better and better at tuning them out. That means even less engagement (as if a .04% click-through rate isn’t low enough) and therefore less results for your marketing dollars. The discussed survey noted that 66% of respondents said they felt bombarded by digital ads and that same number of people said their perception of the brand changed when promotions became invasive. Not good. But wait, it gets worse. 27% of UK consumers and 20% of US consumers said that they would specifically not use a product if advertising was too frequent, while only 1% said the increase in ads would have an influence the way a marketer intends. Again, worse yet, ~10% said they would even take to social channels to spread the word of the annoyance caused by your brand.

So what does that mean? To marketers, it means  something very similar to the take-home message was of the SEO article above: be relevant. Connect with customers who want and have a legitimate need for your product. When a campaign fails, don’t just throw more money at it; Look for a better medium to connect with your audience.


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