July 25, 2013

SEO Reporting by BringShare (Part 4 of 5) – The Moz Tab

Your BringShare SEO Dashboard is jam-packed with all of the SEO reporting information you need to prove the value of your SEO. This post is the 4th post in a 5 part breakdown of key BringShare SEO reporting insights. The SEO Dashboard is composed of 5 components: a breakdown of information by Search Engines, a Traffic Breakdown analysis, an overview of Top Keywords driving traffic and conversions to your client’s site, information on keyword Rankings and an analysis of links leading to your client’s website brought via Moz. This post talks about the SEOmoz Tab specifically, but click any of the links above to learn more about the other sections as well!

Key Insights from your Moz tab to share with clients during SEO reporting

Your Moz tab pulls in all your client’s important data then displays how certain external influences are affecting your SEO. You do not need a Moz (or Moz ) account to get started -BringShare will automatically start pulling this information into the system -free of charge with your BringShare membership!

Now that we understand a bit more on how we get the data, let’s look at how we can use our data:

1) Show your clients the results from your external link efforts

SEO cannot realize true results over night. It takes time. It takes dedicated effort. So how do you prove you’re consistently working towards increasing your clients SEO to justify that monthly rate you charge? Enter the BringShare Moz tab.

One of the first initiatives a good SEO starts to work on externally is linkbuilding. This can be a long, arduous process to start -sending out personal emails, creating sharable quality content, posting guest blog posts and more. It takes time. So how do you show you’re making progress? Your top External Link section.

Set up your SEO Dashboard to compare the date range you’re reporting on to compare to the past. As pictured in the screenshot above, you’ll not only see the total external links to your client’s site, but you will also see the percentage increase from the previous date range.


2)  Show your clients a qualitative, easy-to-understand view of SEO progress

Once you have shown your clients the quantitative increase in external juice-passing links, show them the easy-to-understand qualitative side of those efforts and start some conversations. The “Top 100 Pages Linking to Site” and “Top 100 Domains Linking to Site” charts are a great way to show your clients specific progress. Both of these charts include your top juice-passing links sorted by page authority, which means your client’s most valuable links are showcased at the top. Drilling deeper, the “Top 100 Pages Linking to Site” chart allows you to understand the top pages -regardless of domain, that are the most valuable for you. So, if multiple pages on a single site are linking to your client, you will see all of the pages. In contrast, “Top 100 Domains Linking to Site” chart allows you to understand the top domains linking to your client’s site. By looking at your SEO results at the domain level, you’ll be able to weed out multiple links from a single site to get a better understanding of the other sites linking to your client.

During reporting, leverage these graphs to point out the recent link you received from the prominent authoritative news site, or the links that are being generated via your latest linkbait or social strategy. In the current day and age of SEO, it’s all about quality content. When you release quality content, you’ll start to naturally build your link portfolio. The ”Top 100 Pages Linking to Site” and “Top 100 Domains Linking to Site” charts allow you to demonstrate both the planned links you set up, as well as those that come more organically through your strategy.

Want further information on how to build quality content and links? Check out this guide via Moz .

3) Leverage BringShare to identify potential issues caused by spammy sites linking to your client’s website

Let’s do a bit of SEO arithmetic.

A great website + more juice-passing external links to that website =  a higher MozRANK and a Higher Domain Authority

It’s simple math. Until it’s not. Check out the screenshot above. What doesn’t add up? The answer is that even though our external links have increased since the previous period (by 14%), our MozRANK and Domain Authority have decreased (by -0.57% and -5%). That’s a problem. So how do we find the source?

An increase in external links combined with a decrease in MozRANK or Domain Authority is likely caused from a spammy site linking to your client’s website. That’s a problem. Now that you have identified it with BringShare -fix it!

Want to know more about how to fix an “unnatural link” problem once you have identified it in BringShare? Google’s Matt Cutts gives advice here.


The  Moz Tab - What is included?

The Total Number of External Links:

BringShare includes the number of juice-passing external links to the URL via Moz .  Juice-passing links are valuable because they pass “link equity”. The more “link equity” a website has, the more likely that site is to look relevant to Google, and therefore the more likely it is to rank in search engines. But not all links pass this link equity. Some links have the “rel=”nofollow” attribute, which means they do not pass link equity along.

 The Website’s MozRank:

MozRank represents a link popularity score between 1 and 10 (with 1 being not-so-hot and 10 being SEO perfection). It reflects the importance of any given web page on the Internet. Pages earn MozRank by the number and quality of other pages that link to them. The higher the quality of the incoming links, the higher the MozRank. The website you specified at setup is the site we pull this data for.


The Website’s Domain Authority:

Your client’s website domain authority predicts the domain’s ranking potential in the search engines based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics. Just like with MozRANK, the higher the number, the better!

A Summary of The Top 100 Pages Linking to your Site:

This graph gives you a thorough understanding of how your linkbuilding efforts are paying off. This list is composed of the top 100 external pages that link to any other page on your client’s domain sorted by page authority first. Understanding not only the pages that link to your client’s site, but the anchor text for those links can be crucial to measuring your SEO progress.

A Summary of The Top 100 Domains Linking to your Site:

The “Top 100 Domains Linking to Site” consists of the top domains linking to your client’s website. If there are less than 100, all of them will display. Top linking domains (vs top linking pages) gives you a better understanding of the variety of domains your client’s website is present on. By default, this list is sorted by domain authority, with your client’s most valuable domain link at the top.


Now that you have learned more about the Top Keywords tab of your SEO Dashboard, read up on the other 4 sections!

BringShare for Agencies provides SEO Dashboards that easily prove the value of your SEO efforts. The BringShare system helps you view the true impact of  search engine optimization efforts and allows you to easily convey that information to your agency’s clients. Learn more about how the BringShare SEO Dashboard can automate your reporting today!

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