January 23, 2015

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) Google Issues Warning About Poor Search For Non-Mobile Sites – Search Engine Journal

With the increase in mobile usage, Google has been working to ensure that users are being directed to mobile friendly sites. They’ve recently released the mobile-friendly tag and are continuing to move toward making more sites mobile-friendly. The next step in making sites mobile-friendly is sending an email if it’s detected that a verified site is not mobile friendly. Read the article to learn more about how Google is moving towards mobile-friendly sites. Read the article here

2) PLAs Drove 56 Percent Of Non-Branded Google AdWords Clicks in Q4 [RKG] – Search Engine Land

Product listing ads were the highest driver of non-branded clicks last quarter. According to a report released by RKG the click-through rates were higher than non-brand text ads. Also, the click costs on PLAs increased during the Q4 holiday shopping season. Read more to learn about the PLAs results from last quarter. Read the article here

3) 7 Key Pieces of Advice About Web Content Strategy from Matt Cutts – Content Marketing Institute

As you develop your web content strategy there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re building better content. This article provides top videos of answers to important content engagement questions by Matt Cutts. The videos help to explain more about items such as the importance of content in the body of a page. As well as providing insightful key takeaways from these videos.  Read the article here

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