January 30, 2015

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) 12 Trends Search Marketers Can’t Ignore in Content Marketing – Search Engine Watch

The importance of content marketing in a marketing strategy extends to SEO. Understanding how content marketing will be changing and what to look for can help in developing your strategy. One thing to be aware of is how improved content can help with search engine rankings. Read the article to learn more about the content marketing trends you shouldn’t ignore. Read the article here

2) Introducing Trash Can: Data Recovery in Google – Google Blog

Making a mistake can by accidently deleting data can be costly. A new release by Google will help to recover this lost data within Google . It’s as easy as clicking the trash can button and restoring the data you want back. However, after 35 days from deleting it, there will be no way to retrieve the data. Look for this feature to be rolled out to all accounts soon. Read the article here

3) Site Speed & PPC Performance: Why You Can’t Ignore A Slow Site Anymore – Search Engine Land

Page load times can frustrate users who are trying to access your page whether from search or paid results. Finding out what your page load times are and how you can improve upon them can be crucial to your site. With Google focusing on it, AdWords users should also be aware of page speeds just as much as users. Read more about why site speed is important to PPC. Read the article here


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