June 5, 2013

SEO Reporting by BringShare (Part 1 of 5) - The Search Engine Tab

Your BringShare SEO Dashboard is jam-packed with all of the SEO reporting information you need to prove the value of your SEO. This post is the 1st post in a 5 part series highlighting key BringShare SEO reporting insights. The SEO Dashboard is composed of 5 reports: a breakdown of information by Search Engines, a Traffic Breakdown analysis, an overview of Top Keywords driving traffic and conversions to your site, information on keyword Rankings and an analysis of links leading to your website brought via Moz. This post talks about the Search Engine Tab specifically.

Key Insights from your search engine tab to share with clients during SEO reporting

1) Google (typically) dominates the search engine market.

  • Visually show your clients why you spend so much time focusing on the latest Google release for SEO. Google claims to power roughly 67% of search results and that can translate to roughly that percentage of your traffic. Use your search engine visits graph to show your client where their traffic is coming from.

2) Despite the fact that Google (typically) dominates the search engine market, there is still a good amount of value to be had with other search engines

  • If Google only accounts for 67%, there is still 33% of the market left to be had by search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Ask.com and more. Leverage your visits, conversions/revenue and conversion rate graphs to view which search engines are providing value.
    • Specifically, the conversion rate graph can show you which engines are converting highest. In the screenshot to the right, despite the fact that Google sent the majority of visits to a client site, Ask, Comcast and Bing provided a significantly higher conversion rate for the traffic they did send. This means their traffic may be higher quality and could even lead to further sales.
  • Based on this further information, perhaps The Bing SEO Analyzer, or tips on optimizing for Baidu might be other places to look further to increase traffic.

How do we find these insights in this portion of your dashboard? Learn more below.

The Search Engines Tab - What is included?

The “Search Engines” tab on your SEO Dashboard breaks down the traffic coming to your site by search engine. This tab shows you how many visits each search engine drives, the number of conversions/revenue generated from visitors coming from each search engine, as well as the daily and overall average conversion rate each search engine provides.

The Search Engine Breakdown of Visits (Pie Chart + Trends)

SEO visits segmented by search engine in BringShare.

The Search Engine Breakdown of Sales/Conversions (Pie Chart + Trends)

The search engines revenue graph (or the search engines conversion graph if your client is leads-based) shows how revenue/conversions generated from different search engines trended over time.

The Search Engine Breakdown of Conversion Rates (Bar Chart + Trends)

Your SEO search engine conversion rate trend graph shows you which engines provide the highest conversion rate -showing you how valuable the engine was during that time period in terms of conversion/revenue generation.

A Quick Tip for the Search Engines Tab: 

Remove certain search engines that are overly dominant (like Google) from the graph to make the other search engines line graphs more visible.

On this tab, Google typically drowns out the other search engine trend lines. To fix this, in the legend of the trend chart, you see the name of the search engine directly next to the color link. Click “Google” (or the name of the search engine to remove it from the chart). This allows you to dig deeper into the other “fringe” search engines that are driving traffic to your site! The trend graph below is the same date range/client as the trend graph above, but this time we have removed Google from the trends to allow you to view more data on the Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Baidu and Comcast search engines.

Before removing Google from the trend graph:

SEO visits generated by search engine. Note that in this screenshot, Google has drastically more visits than the majority of other search engines, so it is difficult to view trend details for the other engines.

After removing Google:

SEO visits generated by search engine with Google removed. This helps you view more data on other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

Now that you have learned more about the Search Engines tab of your SEO Dashboard, read up on the other 4 sections:

  • Traffic Breakdown analysis
  • Top Keywords driving traffic and conversions to your site (coming soon)
  • Keyword Rankings (coming soon)
  • Moz data (coming soon)


BringShare for Agencies provides SEO Dashboards that automatically generate reports that have the most comprehensive overview for proving your SEO value. The BringShare system helps you view the true impact of your search engine optimization efforts and allows you to easily convey that information to your agency’s clients. Learn more about how the BringShare SEO Dashboard can automate your reporting today!

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