January 2, 2015

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) 3 Advanced AdWords Features for a Smarter Keyword Bidding Strategy – Search Engine Watch

Taking advantage of all of the features within AdWords can help to improve your PPC strategy. Using the Bid Simulator, an advanced feature, provides you with insight into your bids. Here you can examine estimated number of clicks more closely to make informed decisions about what changes to make. Learn more about what features you can use to examine your bidding strategy. Read the article here

2) 10 Research-Driven insights About Content Marketers in 2015 – Content Marketing Institute

As we begin a new year, it’s good to begin thinking about what trends are beginning to appear in content marketing. Utilizing the data from key research reports, this article breaks down some of the future trends of content marketing. One example of the research states that content marketing ROI is not being successfully tracked, which is something that is critical in gauging your content strategy. Read the article here

3) 4 Reasons Marketing Agencies Need Call Tracking – Search Engine Journal

Tracking another source of your conversions can help you to better identify what steps users are taking to reach you. Adding call tracking software to help track users can add beneficial data to your digital marketing campaigns. Read to learn more about why you should add call tracking software. Read the article here

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