January 9, 2015

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) New Bing Policy Disallows Phone Numbers in Plain Text – Search Engine Watch

A new change added by Bing will no longer allow for phone numbers to be shown within the ads plain text. However, this will not affect any current campaigns with numbers in plain text until June. Phone numbers can still be shown through call extensions and local extensions which allows users to click and places calls directly from the ads. Read the article to learn more about these changes. Read the article here

2) 5 Mistakes to Avoid in a Google Shopping Campaign – Search Engine Journal

It’s important to avoid making mistakes with your shopping campaigns. One to avoid is not backing up your shopping campaigns information. By backing up your information can readily have data to work with and avoid any irreversible actions made. Read the article to learn more about mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them within your shopping campaigns. Read the article here

3) Six Actionable SEO Tips You Can Discover From Every SERP – Search Engine Journal

Digging further into SERP data can help you find changes you can make to improve your results. Using SERP data such as title tags can help you to identify what the results are for your top keywords and if you could missing anything. An example of this is that you could find your search could yield results containing different keyword results than expected. Read the article to learn about tips you can implement by using SERP data. Read the article here


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